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Let me be the first to welcome you to TomBrimeyer.com.

This is the latest project of mine that has been in the making and on the shelf for more than a year now. But I’ve committed myself to my personal mission:

My Personal Mission: To inspire and educate more than 1 Million people to take control and achieve true health by finding and fixing the underlying cause of their health problems instead of being stuck relying on prescription drugs that merely cover up their symptoms while their health continues to suffer.

And that is why this blog is a necessary step in making my personal mission a reality.

The internet is an amazing resource that has allowed me to reach hundreds of thousands of people, not just in my local community, but around the world. I will use this blog as a means of continuing just that.

There are a lot of myths out there, even within the natural and alternative health community. While I consider myself to be at the heart of this community, I believe that certain myths need to be dispelled and that a spotlight needs to shine on certain truths that are being ignored.

Oftentimes we ignore the physiology and science and rely entirely on short term symptomatic results. For example, suppressing one’s immune system can provide symptomatic relief from immune related issues. But is suppressing a dysfunctional immune system truly solving the underlying problem? Of course not. It’s merely masking a much bigger and more serious problem. Instead the focus should be on correcting the hidden causes that are causing the dysfunction in the first place so that the body can get back to regulating itself as it was truly meant to do.

That’s what this blog is all about.

I look forward to sharing my work with you and helping you to naturally reverse the hidden causes of your health problems so that you can take back control of your life.


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  1. Sandee

    25. Mar, 2012

    I hope this is a successful program. I’m sure I’m only 1 on MANY who are looking for answers….after being dissapointed by doctors and their medicines…and lab tests that are “barely in the normal range”. Nothing else is helping and my health is just slowly going down hill….I”m too young to feel this old…lol I’m 55

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  2. Wanda

    29. Apr, 2012

    This is a great program! I am 60 my thyroid has been going downhill for 20 yrs now. Nothing doctors did helped! I am on the program now and feel better than I have felt in 20yrs! I have learned so much from Tom Brimeyer. Now I have Hope it can be even better! Thank you!

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  3. MaryAnn

    15. Jun, 2012

    I have been praying my head off to St. Ann, and one day quite by accident I ran across Tom’s website. Was looking for something very different. I have known I have had thyroid (low) for many years, and it has been slowly getting worse, My doctor thinks because my blood work was within normal limits, it was OK. Well I sent for Tom’s book on hypothroidism, and started with just a few diet changes and iordered the gelatin, within two days I was feeling better.I still have a long way to go, as the thyroid is a strange organ. But thanks to St. Ann and Tom I know we are on the right trackto getting better.Now what I need is patienience to watch it work, I can’t tell you how much better I feel in just 3 weeks. Thank you.

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  4. Susan

    22. Jun, 2012

    Two weeks into the diet and people are saying I have so much energy!!! So far so good. Slowly making the changes, and the gelatin is on order. If you have not made the bone broth, do it. I got bones from an all natural grass fed farm the other day. It is very satisfying, and starting to add a little coffee in the morning is making a difference for me. My main goal is to sleep better and there have been a few nights when I have actually slept!!!!!. That is keeping me going ….to learn more and keep making the changes. Best, Susan

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